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About Miller O’Reilly

The brainchild of accomplished real estate developers Matt Miller and Pat O’Reilly, Miller O’Reilly Real Estate Developers has been committed to providing quality housing solutions in and around the Springfield area since its inception.

Miller and O’Reilly have unceasingly excelled in building, owning, and operating a wide variety of housing options, such as senior and student housing communities, duplexes, apartments and more, both as individual entities and through the collective Miller O’Reilly brand. From custom builds to historic tax credit projects, the Miller O’Reilly company is second to none, and continues to break new ground in the industry as they lead the charge in green development, managing the company with the same integrity, care and commitment to community as they run their families.


Owner’s Bio’s

Matt MillerMatt Miller

A part of the real estate industry since age 19, Matt Miller stands at the forefront of real estate development in the region. A major contributor to the revitalization of Downtown Springfield and a number of other notable projects in the area, this graduate of Southwest Missouri State University has worked intently to produce strong buildings and even stronger communities.

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Pat O'ReillyPat O’Reilly

Also an alumnus of Southwest Missouri State University, Patrick Eugene O’Reilly has made a lasting imprint in the real estate development industry. Well known for his many contributions to the greater Springfield area and beyond, O’Reilly has built his flourishing career as a real estate investor and developer on a solid foundation of knowledge, diligence and honor, blazing a trail for others along the way.

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Always Green

Green Today. Green Tomorrow. Green Always

At Miller O’Reilly, being green isn’t about following a trend; it’s about understanding their responsibility to create buildings and communities that serve the needs of the people and the planet. That’s why Miller O’Reilly is dedicated to developing sustainable properties that are built for today, tomorrow and always, making green more than a way of life – it’s their mission.

The Monroe

The Monroe is a 122-bed green apartment building located on Missouri State University’s campus in Springfield, Missouri. This green “By-the-Bed” project was placed in service in August 2011 and is 100% leased.

eko Park

Miller-O’Reilly completed this 114-unit green apartment community in April of 2010. This energy efficient property includes all utilities, e-star appliances, and satellite television in its leases. The eko Park concept has been successful in this competitive apartment market and is currently maintaining a 95% occupancy level.

Walnut Quads

Miller-O’Reilly completed construction in May of 2010 for Springfield’s first “rental by-the-bed” green student housing property comprised of 32 bedrooms.

Kemper Village Homes

Miller-O’Reilly is currently the developer of a 40-unit single family home green subdivision located in Boonville, Missouri. This MHDC project is comprised of 32 low-income homes and 8 market-rate homes.

Strength Through Adversity

Today’s tumultuous economic climate and tightened credit lines have taken their toll on businesses of varying size and industry, but despite these odds, both Miller and O’Reilly have been successful in securing construction financing for a number of recent developments.

The Monroe

$7MM in construction financing secured in 2010.

eko Park

$10MM in construction financing secured in the third quarter of 2008.

Walnut Quads

Construction financing secured in September of 2009.

Asset Management

Miller O’Reilly offers full owner asset management and oversight of a diverse portfolio. Our Asset Management team develops a strategic plan specific to each property for implementing the goals and objectives set forth by property owners. This includes written policies and procedures, property forms, defined roles and operations management. Communication of these plans with timetables and task assignments are directed to the appropriate business affiliates. We maintain relationships with vendors, banks, property management companies, realtors, marketing agencies, accountants, and companies within the real estate profession that assist the property in meeting its goals and objectives. Our proven track record and reputation among vast business relationships is the result of our real estate development knowledge, property management insight and operations expertise.

For more information on our Asset Management component, contact us at 417.893.6006. We appreciate your inquiry and ultimately the opportunity to invest in your long term success.